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collageClan-P – is a modern art club formed by talented people. Our designers, artists and illustrators are cool guys with big heart and incredible fantasy. Their posters are really extraordinary and unique.

We are members of Clan-P club. We do what we like the most: we give art to the people! Everyone of us believe, that any creative idea should be proudly brought to life.

No wonder that posters and t-shirts are casual everyday things for you. But honestly, is your life that empty and gray that you want to wear something so common and widespread, offered by those cultural “fast food” brands, dammit!
We are bringing art. The choice is yours .

Every product we offer has its own history and success. You can’t simply buy a poster or a t-shirt. We treasure great ideas, so what you buy is a unique item, nurtured by hard work and great talent.

Appreciate it!
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